KCB Gear Pump

Brand: KCB
KCB  GEAR PUMP I. Applications

KCB  gear pump apply to pumping non­corrosive lubricating oil or similar liquid without solid particles and fibres at

temperature below 80 ºC and with the viscosity of 5X10­6~1.5X10­3m2 /S (5­1500cSt).

Gear pump KCB is suitable to transfer the liquid of temperature less than 150℃, viscosity less then 1500cst, or the similar liquid.The gears are made by hardness face. The relief valve is in the pump. In order to protect the matching motor

KCB gear pump 18.3
KCB gear pump 33.3
KCB gear pump 55
KCB gear pump 83.3
KCB gear pump 135
KCB gear pump 200
KCB gear pump 300

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KCB Gear Pump
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