Gearbox ZF P-3301

Gearbox Mixer
Brand: ZF
Gearbox ZF P-3301
Well-proven ZF technology - Germany

Gearbox zf P-3301 range of hydrostatic transmissions is part of the well-proven technology from ZF. It facilitates economical and low-maintenance operation of mixer trucks, even under the highest stresses. Gearbox zf P-3301 the compact and space-saving transmissions are characterised by their high power density and a long service life.

Advantages gearbox zf P-3301 :

1.    Gearbox zf P-3301 was compact design, low weight

2.    Gearbox zf P-3301 , high operational reliability

3.    Gearbox zf P-3301 was easy installation and service-friendly

4.    Gearbox zf P-3301 , environmentally friendly and low-noise operation  

Gearbox zf P-3301

·         Drum capacity                  : 7 – 8 m3

·         Nominal output torque    : 48.000 NM

·         Maximal output torque    : 54.000 NM

·         Ratio                                   : 141.0

·         Maximal drum angle        : 150

·         Weight  w/o oil                   : 242 kg

·         Oil capacity                         : 7,5 cm3

Gearbox ZF P-3301